Our Mission

  • To provide the premier global vehicle brands, with a local handshake

  • To promote a culture of respect to our customers and employees

  • To provide the best support available. We sell support and with it, you get a truck

  • To follow-through on our commitments

Our Mission - Velocity Vehicle Group
Commercial Truck dealerships - Velocity Vehicle Group
We can help you with any aspect of the commercial vehicle industry. From truck sales and financing, parts & collision repair to free grant advice, our goal is to be the one stop shop experts for all truckers, owner operators, RVs, school buses, fleets & companies alike. We have locations spread across North America, Mexico and Australia to ensure you’ve always access to a reputable truck dealership to help you with whatever you need.
Our companies run on the 3 pillars of Speed, Value & Trust
Speed, Value & Trust - Velocity Vehicle Group
Speed - Velocity Vehicle Group


Speed because we need to keep you on the road – we are focused on getting you in and out of our service shops as quickly as possible, delivering your parts as quickly as possible, and getting you the right truck when you need it.

Value - Velocity Vehicle Group


Value because we have to be competitive to drive your profitability.

Trust - Velocity Vehicle Group


Trust because we want to be your partner for all of your commercial truck needs, acting with integrity and your best interests at heart.

Elite Support Certified

  • Partnered with DTNA in Elite Support

  • Tracking throughput times and continuing to drive improvements

  • Heavily invested in tech and customer training with 2 full-time trainers

  • Fully Certified technician

  • Customer Support and Customer uptime Managers

  • Regular & preventative maintenance programs

  • Offers Express Assessment for rapid diagnostics to help you make an informed business decision

  • Offers Express Repair to make quick repairs a priority and reduce downtime

  • Uses best practices to ensure that you have the fastest possible turnaround time

  • Stock the most critical repair parts by using a regularly updated, locally customized stocking list

Elite Support Milestones

VTC Tolleson was one of the 13 original / pilot locations for Elite Support. Achieved their 13th annual Certification this year
VTC Fontana Certified for 12 years
VTC Chandler Certified for 11 years. (was the 100th store in the network to be certified)
VTC Las Vegas Certified for 11 years
VTC San Diego Certified for 11 years
VTC Carson Certified for 10 years
VTC Tucson Certified for 8 years
VTC Oxnard Certified for 8 years
Flagstaff Certified for 8 years
VTC Whittier Certified for 7 years
VTC Reno Certified for 5 years
VTC Transwest Certified for 5 years
Maria Flores

Maria Flores has won multiple Elite Support awards due to her
excellent attitude towards helping our customers.

Combined years of certification – 109 years
Combined CIC years of experience – 71 years

“At Velocity Vehicle Group, we rely on our core values of Speed, Value, and Trust. A critical part of each core value is that we conduct our business in compliance with all laws and regulations and in a way that demonstrates our commitment to ethics and integrity. If you feel we have not fulfilled this commitment or have questions, please contact us using the Speak Up Line.”

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