1. How was the overall appearance of the facility?
Customer Service
2. How satisfied were you with the greeting that you received from the service department?

3. How satisfied were you with the communication with the service department?
Repair Type
4. Was the work performed at this visit covered under warranty, customer pay or both?
5. If parts were needed, did we have the parts available for the repair?
6. Was the work performed right the first time?
7. Did repair facility offer Express Assessment?
Overall Experience
8. How would you rate the amount of time it took to complete the job?

9. Take everything into consideration, how would you rate your OVERALL service experience?
Help Us Improve
10. On which area could we improve upon to earn a rating of 10 next time?

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We appreciate your feedback so we can improve our level of customer service in the future. If you have comments or concerns about this survey please contact a service manager at 866-FTL-TRKS